3 Safety Measures To Take When Using Air Impact Wrenches


Air impact wrenches are exceedingly helpful because they are able to utilize air in order to loosen nuts and bolts in a very short period of time. However, they are considered heavy equipment due to the number of safety hazards that they present. You can avoid any danger while using air impact wrenches by taking the following three safety measures.

1. Wear Ear Protection

Normal wrenches do not require ear protection because they are not hooked up to a motor or utilizing blasts of air in order to work properly Air impact wrenches, on the other hand, have both of theses characteristics. In order to make sure that your hearing remains intact and that you do not develop tinnitus, it is important that you wear ear protection. Using a simple pair of earplugs purchased at a drug store should be adequate, but if you're truly concerned, consider purchasing heavier-duty earplugs from a hardware store.

2. Keep the Air Exhaust Away from People

Air exhaust is a common byproduct of working with air impact wrenches due to the fact that the air, once most of its force has been removed, is no longer helpful. However, even though a great deal of the air's force has been transferred to whatever nut the wrench is working on, that doesn't mean that the air exhaust can't hurt someone. In order to make sure that the people around you stay safe, first inform everyone that you are working with an air tool and that there could be some exhaust. Then, turn the motor of the air impact wrench into a corner or another part of the room that is not frequently traveled. If that's impossible, use chalk to mark a safety zone around where the exhaust is going to be directed so that people know to walk around it.

3. Wear Goggles When Using the Air Impact Wrench

An air impact wrench operates with more force than a normal wrench. When you are reducing the tightness in a bolt, there's a chance for you to misjudge the torque and have the bolt fly off without warning. This bolt could then fly and hit you in the face. There's a chance that it could seriously damage your eyes. For protection, make sure that you wear goggles that will reduce the force of the blow should this happen. Anyone working around you should also wear goggles.

For more safety tips, talk to the manufacturer of your air impact wrench or check out sites such as http://www.impactwrenches.com.


17 April 2015

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