3 Things To Inspect On The Hydraulic System Before You Buy A Used Backhoe


Purchasing a used backhoe is very similar to buying a new one. You want to make sure the backhoe has all the tools and amenities that you want and need, but with a used back hoe, you also have to make sure that the backhoe hasn't been used to the point where you'll be facing major repairs quickly. Here are 3 things to inspect on the hydraulic system before you buy a used backhoe.

Check for Air Leaks

You should check to make sure that the system is sound and that no air is getting into the system. A good way to learn if air is getting into your hydraulic lines is to turn the backhoe on and listen to how the hydraulics sound when you use them. If air is getting into the line, you will hear knocking or banging noises when operating the backhoe. Air can degrade the hydraulic fluid and cause it to breakdown. A common spot where air usually gets into the system is the inlet on the hydraulic pump, but you also should check that all the fittings on the pump are in good shape and tight. You should also check the hydraulic hose lines – old frayed intake lines tend to crack and can let in air. Air can also get in around the shaft seal, so you'll want to make sure the seal is in good condition.

Operating Temperature

If the backhoe heats up above 180 degrees, you might have a problem with the heat exchanger and core. Hydraulic fluid cools as it passes though the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid, and if there is a blockage, the fluid won't be able to move through the reservoir to get cooled down as you work. You should check the heater exchange and core for any blockages.

Fluid Leaks

One way to tell if the backhoe is leaking fluid (outside of visually noticing an external leak) is if the backhoe performs slowly. The pressure in the hydraulic lines drop when there is a leak and the backhoe will perform slowly. The backhoe can leak fluid internally and you'll have to check several things to determine where a leak might be - you should check the pump, actuators, and valves for any sign of internal leakage.

Buying a used backhoe can save you a lot of money over paying for a new one, but you want to make sure you know what you are getting into when purchasing a used one. You should carefully check the hydraulic system before you buy used heavy construction equipment for sale so you have an idea on how well it will perform once you get it out onto a construction site. 


21 April 2015

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