Three Myths About Rigging And Moving Your Heavy Equipment


Rigging has long been used as an effective method for lifting and moving heavy items, particularly things like heavy equipment. In addition to the reputation this method has garnered for being a safe option for your equipment moving needs, the number of misconceptions about the process are growing. Luckily, when you know the truth behind these common myths, you're in a better position to ensure that your equipment is moved properly and safely. Here's a look at three of the most common myths about rigging and the real truth behind them.

Take the Lowest Bid – The Services are All the Same

Rigging is a dynamic and complex process, but to the untrained eye, every approach looks fundamentally the same. This has led to the belief that every rigging service is the same, so you can shop based on price. This isn't always the best option, though. Rigging companies have many differences that can affect how well your move goes and how safe your equipment is.

Instead of shopping solely on price, look at the reputation of the company, what kinds of rigging services they offer, how much manpower they can dedicate to your move, and even the capacities that they are safely equipped to handle. This will allow you to objectively choose the company that will provide the safest move, even if it isn't the cheapest.

Riggers Only Help with Large-Scale Moves

Although riggers are commonly called in to help relocate entire manufacturing facilities or to move a lot of equipment, that doesn't mean that their services are exclusive to large moves. In fact, even if you're only moving one piece of equipment, you're better off to have it done by professionals to ensure that you don't damage the machinery.

Rigging Companies Can't Help with the Planning

Somewhere along the way, people began to believe that rigging companies only offered physical relocation services. This has led many business owners to struggle with the logistics of a move, trying to plan things out without the necessary experience only to call a rigger and have the whole plan redesigned by the rigging company. From the initial proposal process to the move, rigging companies can help you with everything.

Now that you understand the truth behind these three common myths about rigging companies, you can understand how they can help you. If you need to move manufacturing equipment or other heavy machinery, talk with a rigging company or other large equipment movers to see how you should proceed.


22 April 2015

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