Which Type Of Overhead Bridge Crane Is Best For You?


When it comes to moving large, heavy objects on a construction site or in a factory system, nothing works better than cranes. Particularly, overhead bridge cranes bring a number of advantages to the process. They allow the base to be mounted, moving items above the work space so that operations can continue in the current area. But there are different types of overhead cranes. To help you understand more about which crane is best for your needs, here is a quick guide:

The Basics of Overhead Bridge Cranes

Overhead bridge cranes move along a raised runway system that spans across the width of the factory. It typically provides hook movement in three directions: up, down, and sideways. A hoist moves the actual load down or up while a trolley system moves it to the left or right. Finally, the bridge is what carries it backward or forward. 

The principal benefits of a bridge crane are its availability to move the hook in numerous directions (providing for more manipulation of the load) and the space that it frees up on the work floor.

Types of Overhead Bridge Cranes

Single Girder​

These are usually the most affordable option for medium loads. They can be under running or top running and the beams (which carry the load) can be attached to existing ceiling structures. While it is a lighter option than double girder cranes, it also comes with a slightly weaker frame, meaning that extra weight will be a problem if you try to speed up production. Ease of installation and ease of maintenance, along with its lower price tag, makes a single girder an attractive option. However, for those needing to transport heavier loads, there is another option to consider:

Double Girder

When a single girder crane can no longer handle the load of a job, double girders are typically brought in, because they can be bought in almost any size and weight capacity. They offer more durability, stronger hook design, and higher arms for use on tall buildings and factories.

As a construction manager, project consultant, or business owner, you surely want to purchase a crane that provides top value. There are a variety of overhead cranes on the market, so the choice can sometimes be confusing. Use the guide above to make your decisions faster and easier, and enjoy the benefits of using the best tool for the job.

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28 April 2015

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