Three Ways to Keep Safe While Operating a Stump Grinder


Renting a stump grinder and rolling up your sleeves for an afternoon can drastically increase the curb appeal of your home, not to mention eradicate the pesky stumps that make cutting your lawn a hassle. Before you get to sit back on your deck with a cold beverage and admire your work, however, you've got to put in some time to complete the project, and you don't want an accident to get in the way of the progress. Following these three trips will greatly improve your ability to finish the job safely.

Wear the Right Gear

The fast-spinning bit of the stump grinder, coupled with the errant projectiles of wood, make this project dangerous if you're not wearing the proper safety gear. From the ground up, wear steel-toed shoes, thick work socks and long pants. A heavy, long-sleeved shirt is also ideal, as are leather gloves. Always wear shatter-proof goggles or protective glasses and, ideally, a hard hat with fold-down facial protection. Industrial-strength earplugs are also important, given the loud volume of the operating machine and the louder noise when the blade hits the wood.

Dig before Grinding

Although you might be eager to test your new machine, it's important to adequately prepare the area around each stump you intend to grind. Using a shovel or trowel, dig around the entire perimeter of the stump and try to dig two to three inches below the surface of the lawn. Pull the dirt and debris away with a heavy rake. Digging out each stump as much as possible is an important safety precaution because it keeps you from inadvertently hitting a buried rock with the grinding bit. It can also increase the efficiency of your project; the bit dulls quickly when it repeatedly hits rocks and pebbles, which might lead to an unexpected return visit to the rental center for a new bit.

Take Baby Steps

If you have a substantial amount of work ahead of you, it can be tempting to work quickly and aggressively. It's best, however, to gently press the grinding bit against the side of the stump and allow the cutting edge to do its work. Too much pressure or trying to move too quickly can cause the bit to break, leading to a potential injury as it spins through the air. Always overestimate the amount of time you need to complete the job. Trying to squeeze four hours of work into three hours to save a bit of the rental cost, for example, can be dangerous.

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15 July 2015

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