Three Ways to Move Excessively Heavy Construction Equipment


If you work in an industry that requires you to move particularly heavy equipment along an assembly line, then you know how important it is to keep the line moving. You also know that it is important to have warehouse material handling supplies. Such equipment keeps your manufactured items from falling off the line and injuring someone and moves the items from the end of the assembly line to a position in a warehouse. If your factory only manufactures part of each of a fully assembled machine (e.g., just the engines, just the machine hull, etc.), then you will need another method to place the items in storage. Here are three warehouse supply items that can help.

Transfer Carts on Rails

When you are in the business of constructing heavy equipment such as pavement rollers and backhoes, every part your factory weighs (sometimes literally) a ton. Transfer carts on rails place the components your factory builds onto a flatbed cart and rolls it from station to station. This allows your workers to work all around the component without having to move it on their own. Overhead cranes can be used to lift the components when there is something that needs to be attached or painted underneath each component. Rails throughout your factory can move the component from start to finish and none of your employees has to do any heavy lifting.

Cantilevered Crane Loading Platforms

When you need to lift and move heavy loads up and in or down and out to put the heavy construction equipment onto a truck or storage bay, you can use cantilevered crane platforms. These crane platforms accept your manufactured goods, which are loaded onto and off the platforms with cranes. The platforms themselves just make it easier to move the product from the floor to overhead or from the loading bay platform to the flatbed truck and trailer outside. The platforms themselves also fold in and out to assist with the positioning of the articles placed on them. The size of crane you use is entirely up to you.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are standard equipment in most factories where the manufactured product weighs anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several tons. If your factory does not currently have an overhead crane installed anywhere in the building, consider installing them in key locations, where it becomes necessary to pick up the equipment components your factory assembles in order to add something to them or tighten up fasteners. Even if you already utilize transfer carts on rails, the overhead cranes can be an intrinsic part of the assembly line.

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1 September 2015

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