Keeping Your Air Compressor Maintained


If you use an air compressor regularly, you will want to do routine maintenance steps to ensure it continues running smoothly. Failing to take steps in caring for this piece of machinery could leave you with unnecessary downtime if it fails to operate properly due to neglect. Here are some steps to take when doing routine maintenance to your air compressor.

Regularly Check The Air Filter For Debris

When the air filter in your air compressor becomes dirty, it can cause the entire unit to seize. This would cause need for repair. Checking the air filter for debris each week will help keep it running without a restrictive air flow. Take the filter out of the unit and shake it to remove any loose particles. Visually inspect it for dark areas where dirt is blocking the filter flow, and replace if necessary. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove surface dirt if you need to use the air compressor while waiting to get to a store to purchase a new filter.

Wipe Down The Compressor's Exterior

Keeping your air compressor's exterior surface clean will help keep debris from ending up inside the mechanisms that make it work. It will also keep the air filter from becoming clogged prematurely. Regularly wipe down the compressor using a commercial-grade cleaner made for electrical equipment. Make sure the machinery is unplugged before cleaning.

Add some of the cleaner to a piece of microfiber cloth and gently rub down the exterior and any protruding parts, removing grime in the process. For areas with embedded or caked on dirt, use a toothbrush to loosen it from the machine. Rinse the cleaner off the machinery by using a damp piece of microfiber cloth. Allow the air compressor to dry in its entirety before plugging it back in to use.

Check The Belt For Wear

Take a look inside your air compressor to look at the belt. The belt should appear to be snugly in place without areas that are drooping or loose. The belt can be adjusted if it appears to be too taut or if it looks too floppy.  If there are spots showing wear, such as cracking or shredding, the belt should be replaced. This can be done on your own with a wrench or socket set and a replacement belt.

Observe The Compressor For Leakage

When air leaks from an air compressor, the air pressure it gives when you try to use it to do a job will not be at its maximum output. It is important to fix any leaks right away so they do not get worse due to bending metal or loosening joints in the machine. An air compressor service company would be able to find and repair any leaking areas effectively.


8 November 2015

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