Rent This Garden Equipment Annually To Transform Your Yard


When it comes to maintaining your yard, you can often make the assorted jobs considerably easier with the help of equipment. And, when it comes time to get the right equipment for the job, you face the decision of either buying the gear or renting it. For the average homeowner and gardener, renting often makes more sense. Much of the equipment you'll need is large, meaning that it will take up considerable space in your garage or shed, and you'll often only need the equipment once per year. When you decide to move forward with renting, here are some key pieces of equipment that you can use to transform the look of your yard.


Regardless of the size of your gardens, they'll almost certainly benefit from the use of a tiller. Passing this machine through the garden helps to quickly turn and break up the soil, getting the job done far quicker than you could with a hoe or a shovel. When it comes to building a new garden, using a tiller makes the process far easier — simply decide where you want the garden to be, pass the tiller through the area a few times and you've got soil ready for planting. Best of all, when you're done using the machine, you can simply cart it back to the rental center, rather than store it on your property.


Aerating your lawn greatly improves the look of it because the small holes allow rainwater to permeate the lawn and improve the health of each individual blade of grass. Don't opt for aerating sandals or a hand aerator; to get the job done correctly, rent a powered aerator from your local rental center. You'll have no trouble pushing this machine around the lawn, leaving small plugs of earth in your wake as a sign of doing the task properly, and you can then return the aerator to the rental center as you won't likely need it until next year.

Pressure Washer

Although you won't technically use a rented pressure washer in your garden, it's a valuable tool for cleaning your garden shed — not to mention any patio furniture and even the side of your home that faces the garden. Over time, these objects can develop mildew that could take hours to remove with vigorous scrubbing. By renting a pressure washer, you'll be able to load the machine with water and quickly clean anything that needs a facelift around the yard.

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3 June 2016

Making Your Yard Sing

Last summer, I took a good, hard look at my yard. I realized that in addition to having more than a few issues with flowerbeds, the land grading was completely off. Instead of ignoring the issue, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I rented a little tractor, and I used it to move soil, take down trees, and dig out unsightly bushes. Although it encompassed my schedule for a few weeks, the end result was well worth the hassle. If you are interested in making your yard better, read more about how you might be able to use heavy machinery on my page.