Paint An Enclosed Trailer's Exterior And Add Customized Vinyl Decals


After purchasing a used enclosed trailer to haul construction materials to job sites, paint its exterior and add a customized vinyl decal to each side of it by completing the steps below. Once you have finished, proudly haul loads around town and advertise your business while doing so.


  • water hose
  • automotive detergent
  • large bucket
  • scrub brush with long handle
  • roll of automotive tape
  • sharp scissors
  • vinyl tarp
  • primer (that contains a rust-inhibitor)
  • exterior paint (glossy)
  • paint gun
  • vinyl decals (customized)
  • ruler
  • squeegee

Clean The Enclosed Trailer's Exterior

Close the door to the trailer. Use a water hose to rinse dirt from each side of the trailer's exterior. Pour some automotive detergent into a large bucket that is almost filled with water. Dip a scrub brush into the soapy water before applying it to dirt that still remains on parts of the trailer. Scrub each spot until the dirt is gone. Rinse the trailer off with water and wait for its exterior to dry.

Apply Automotive Primer And Paint

Move the trailer onto a vinyl tarp in order to protect the ground. Cover the trailer's taillights, license plate, and trim with strips of automotive tape. Use a paint gun to apply an even coat of primer that contains a rust inhibitor to the trailer's exterior. Wait plenty of time for the trailer's surface to dry. Use a paint gun to apply glossy exterior paint over the primer in the same manner. Once the paint is no longer tacky, add a second coat if you wish. 

Add Signage

Have customized vinyl decals made by a business that specializes in preparing advertising materials. When planning the design for each decal, be sure to add your company's name or your name, an address, a number you wish to be contacted at, and a unique logo that will help people recognize your business. Use a ruler to help you align each decal across the sides of the trailer.

Remove the paper backing from the first decal and press the sticky side of the vinyl against one side of the trailer. Smooth out the decal and eliminate wrinkles by pushing a squeegee firmly across it several times. Go to the other side of the trailer and apply the remaining decal by completing the same steps. Once you have finished, your trailer can be used to haul materials that are needed to complete each job. The fresh paint and new signage will help attract attention whenever you are hauling the trailer behind your vehicle. 


25 October 2016

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