Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Use Dump Truck Tarp Systems


If you own and operate several dump trucks in your quarrying business, then you know that there is always a chance of stuff falling out of the dump bed. You can prevent that spillage with dump truck tarp systems, which cover the dump bed and enclose the whole back end of the truck. Here are other reasons why you absolutely should use dump truck tarps.

Major Road Accidents

When your dump trucks carry large loads of rock and quarry debris from the quarry to another location, they may be traveling on public roads and highways. Enough bumps, jumps, and jostles in the road can cause some of that rock and debris on top to go flying off the back. On a road where other passenger vehicles and trucks are traveling, this rock and debris can cause a major accident. A dump truck tarp could easily prevent all of that.

Accidental Dumpings

It does not happen too often, but every once in a while a driver will accidentally hit the switch or button that dumps the truck bed. Everything lands on what is directly behind the truck. Cranes and front-loading crawlers have to be called into action to clean up the accidental dump. However, if you have a tarp system secured to the back of the truck, it becomes the accidental dump that does not dump! The load may press against the tarp, but a tarp that holds its tied-down position is one that prevents everything in the truck bed from spilling. 

Carry Less Solid Materials When Covered

Dump trucks are made to carry lots of other things too, not just the rock and debris from your quarry. Most of the time, water is used to flush softer materials and soil away from rock faces, with which a dump truck can definitely help. Add a tarp over the water or a slurry of some kind, and your dump trucks can contain and carry liquids for miles without spilling more than a few drops.

Different Tarp Systems for Each Job

Once you decide which of your dump trucks should have a tarp, be aware that there are no less than four different tarp systems. Each one brings its own value to the truck, and each one works best for a different job. Small gravel and stones work well with a basic tie-down tarp, metal dump bed box-style covers are great for water and liquids, etc. 

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25 October 2016

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