Top Features To Look For In A Well-Built Industrial Transformer


When your power supply needs are far greater than the average residence or place of business, industrial transformers will be a necessity at your business property. Even though trusting technicians for your needs with these high-tech pieces of equipment is best, there may come a time when you need to buy new transformers and will need to know your stuff. Here are a few features to be looking for in a well-built industrial transformer. 

Easy-Off Front Cover

If something is going wrong with the transformer, it is best if you can get the cover off quickly instead of having to remove multiple screws and pieces of hardware to get a good look at what's going on. Modern industrial transformers tend to have easy off front covers. Therefore, when something is wrong, getting a look at what it is will not be a time-consuming project. 

Inside Clearance for Tools

When you call a professional for help with a faulty industrial transformer, you will want them to get in and get the job done as quickly as possible because you will be lacking a certain level of energy until the job is done. Therefore, look for industrial transformers that are easier for a technician to work with. Some of the latest models of transformers boast extra space inside of the unit for there to be room for a technician to get in with the necessary tools and do whatever work needs to be done. A lot of the outdated models have components in the housing outer case so tightly fitting that it can be a real struggle for anyone to get inside of the unit to make repairs. 

Sturdy Mounting Feet

Having a transformer tip over during operation can be devastating to the unit itself because it will change how the electromagnetic energy flows in the systems. Therefore, it is highly important that the industrial transformers you have at your place of business have strong mounting feet. Look for units that have steel U-line bars along the base where anchor screws can be placed to hold the unit safely in place. 

Heavy Copper Grounding Bar

Keeping the industrial transformer properly grounded is ever important for safety purposes. While all transformers will have some type of ground, the best models have a grounding bar made of pure copper. A bar is much more resilient than a wire and will stay firmly in place over the long term without worries of ground disruption. 


7 May 2018

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